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New Comer! [Aug. 11th, 2005|12:45 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration

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Hi! I'm Ashley from Central Maryland mostly, but for the Summer I'm living with my father & step-mother. I'm 18 years old of age, and I've been into this type of stuff since like I was 10. Don't ask, long story trust me! A few weeks ago I've been to "Glen Dale Hospital" a old hospital used to treat people with TB. After that it was used to treat the ill, but I don't know if it was to treat the mental ill. But the websites I've looked at said: "to treat the ill." I know, but I'm probably looking at the wrong place. Anyhow, it mysteriously closed it doors, so it's now "Government Owned" which means it's against the law to be on that land. The building is in bad shape * very dangerous to go inside. It's "condemed" but it doesn't stop people from trapassing. XP It's haunted by a "pack of large dogs" & the spirits of the patients there. Why I'm telling you this? Because it's by far my favorite haunted/abandoned building in this state. Where they used to burn the bodies smoke comes from it. o_____o; That's eerie. So that's a little history of that building & it closed it's doors around 82 or around there. I don't remember the date.

I was surfing around the LJ Community to find more interesting sites. But I found this so I decided to join. Finally a community that's aimed at Maryland Abandonded Buildings! YAYERS! I'm going to find fun here. *Dances.*
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Intro [Jul. 7th, 2005|11:31 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration

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Hello everyone!
I'm a 28 year old SWF from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Thought I'd introduce myself :).

Nice to meet you!
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2005|08:53 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration
Hi, my husband and I are looking to move to Suitland, Maryland soon. He's in the Navy, so we don't have much time to decide where we will end up next. If anyone has valuable (and brutally honest, if necessary) information to give to me, it will be much appreciated.

Little background on the two of us: we are currently stationed in a total shithole in south, south, south Texas, and we'd rather not make the same mistake again. We are looking for a nice place to live with a friendly community, and we'd rather not have to drive an hour in any direction to have to find a place of entertainment.

Thank you all.
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Henryton Center Trip [May. 18th, 2005|02:30 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration
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Hey.. just took my first trip to Henryton Center and did it during the day because I'm a huge p*ssy. We took the backway in through the train tunnel. I'm just writing because we had some really weird things happened and I was wondering if anyone else had this kind of weird stuff happen to them too.

First: My digital camera was FULLY charged and my memory card was empty. I took about 5 pics in the tunnel and then waited until we got inside the main buildings before I took anymore pictures. I got about 10 pics taken in the main building and my battery dies.
Second: My friend brought her fully charged CamCorder and we saw it jump from full battery to only 30min left of battery available. We thought it might be a loose connection or something, but nope it wasn't.
Third: We were fine through the newer buildings. Felt some rooms colder than others but didnt encounter any strange noises or see anything strange. Went into the Administration Building and got a really bad feeling. We heard distinctive male voices (sounded like they were arguing) and then we heard a drawer slam. We searched the entire building and found no other people and only one drawer that was located in the front room that was turned on its side.
Fourth: We split up because two people had to pee (LOL) but gave them a walkie talkie. The non-pee-ers went through the top floor of building while the pee-ers and the blocker sat on the front step. On the front step we heard 3 distinct voices screaming coming from above and behind us. We then heard the foot steps of the non-pee-ers leave the building. We asked what the screaming was about. They thought we were fucking with them. They didn't scream. We heard the screams and we weren't fucking with them.
Fifth: We went into the smaller building behind the administration building which seems like a childrens building/ward. Walked in the "lobby" had a horrible feeling and wanted out. 2 friends went down to the basement, all they found was a red rubber ball. 1 friend opened the door to the left and then shut the door. Turned to us and said "Its really fucking cold in there"(it was 82 that day) Just as he finished saying "there" someone/thing banged on the door that he just closed 3 times. Needless to say I took off like a bat outta hell and so did everyone else. The people in the basement thought that we were banging to let them know that the cops were here, when we told them what really happened they thought we were fucking with them. We weren't. So we chilled outside the building, smoked a cig and 1/2 of us went back in. We looked in every room and no one was there. The other half walked around the building to see if someone else WAS in there, how they got in and out. All the bottom floor windows were boarded shut and not tampered with same with the only other door. When they looked in the basement they didn't find any tunnels or anything.

After the banging we kinda took that as a hint to get the fuck outta there. I was just wondering if anyone else had similar things happened. When we got home we had orbs in the photos, but thats pretty standard at "haunted" places. So have any of you had similar things happen at Henryton?

I'll post some of the pics once I resize them.
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More Henryton pictures [Apr. 11th, 2005|03:49 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration

Ok, I went up to Henryton this weekend and took some more pictures (4-9-05)

HenrytonCollapse )

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UE Forum [Apr. 2nd, 2005|02:00 am]
Maryland Urban Exploration

I invite everyone to join the UE Forums that I have set up at urbanexplore.forumer.com!

It's just starting out, but I hope it will be a great place for people to discuss UE.
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Henryton TB/Mental Clinic [Apr. 1st, 2005|05:52 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration

Henryton State Hospital, taken sometime this February

Its a pretty cool place, started out as a tuberculosis center for African Americans, was later converted to a mental hospital, and is now abandoned, and a great place for taking some pictures. I'm up there quite often and have a lot of pictures, i'll post sometime.
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The Enchanted Forest UPDATE [Mar. 29th, 2005|04:35 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration

Here is an update on the Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, MD:

  • An Enchanted Forest Weekend at Elioak's is planned for the 2nd weekend in April, 2005.
  • Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach (moved November 2004), Cinderella's mice, the Three Bears, giant toadstools, Mother Goose, and nearly everything else that could be pried loose has a new home at Clarkland Farm (10500 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD - on Route 108) as part of the Clark Family's Children's Petting Farm attraction. They hope to raise funds and volunteers to rescue some of the remaining buildings, including a shoe house, which are made of concrete.
  • The carousel has been purchased by Ted Shaw, owner of Crown Food Services, Inc. He plans to restore the carousel and place it in the Baltimore Zoo sometime around the Spring of 2005!

You can find more information here: Clark's Elioak Farm Remembers The Enchanted Forest and The Enchanted Forest Preservation Society
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maybe you've seen this already.... [Mar. 24th, 2005|09:14 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration

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St. Mary's College - Ellicott City (Illchester), MD - aka: Hell House [Mar. 4th, 2005|01:27 pm]
Maryland Urban Exploration
St. Mary's College - Ellicott City (Illchester), MD - aka: Hell House
*you can find more information on my website.

Photos taken 05-30-04

More images are in my yahoo photo album.
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