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Maryland Urban Exploration
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A community dedicated to individuals who wish to share information and interests relating to urban exploration in Maryland (particularly Baltimore and surrounding counties). This also includes DC!


• Photos are welcome, but please put large or multiple images behind a lj-cut. If you post photos, you must tell in either the subject line or in the post itself WHERE or WHAT the picture is and WHEN it was taken.

• This is not a place to set up groups to go on explorations - Please only post about places you have been or if you are asking for information about a place you are interested in.

• There will be no off-topic advertisments, auctions, or community promoting. There are communites specifically for these purposes. If you are unsure about posting something, please email the moderator and ask.

• Inappropriate behavior is not welcome here.
*If you do not know how to create a lj-cut, please visit this page for instructions.

Please feel free to contact the moderator if you have any questions or concerns.

Sister Community to virginiaurbnx.